18 World Holiday Dish Recipes (2024)

Every week we pull together some greatCanadian recipesfrom Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish.This week, we are sharing holiday food traditions from our members that originate alloverthe world .

18 World Holiday Dish Recipes (1)

Within Canada, some people say "happy holidays," others say "joyeuses fêtes," some others "felices fiestas," or "boas festas," and many many others use dozens of languagesto wish each other all the best for the end-of-year.

But holiday traditions are not just about beautiful words. They are -mostly, I would say- about the food that people share and how they incorporate their family history into a batch of holiday cookies or a tourtière. Curious about those dishes that reveal so much about their backgrounds, we asked FBC members to share that recipe that brings back memories during the holiday season. So grab a mug of hot chocolate (or apple cider, or hot toddy, or holiday chai) and read along for a sampling of holiday world cuisine!

18 World Holiday Dish Recipes (2)

By Food Bloggers of Canada

  • Stella di Pandoro with Chantilly Custard Cream and Cranberries

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    _[Stella di Pandoro](https://www.sugarlovespices.com/stella-pandoro-chantilly-custard-cream-and-cranberries/)_ is a dessert you’d find on Italian tables during the festive season. It looks amazing, tastes even better, and shows how you can bring a packaged cake to a whole new level. From **Sugar Love Spices**.

  • Holiday Rosemary Garlic Pork Roast

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    A great way to create a show-stopping centrepiece for the main protein is to have it 'Frenched.' This [Holiday Rosemary Garlic Pork Roast](http://www.mykitchenlove.com/holiday-pork-roast/) will wow guests with its crispy exterior and succulent interior. And you’ll be feeling grand from as little hands-on work as possible! From **My Kitchen Love**.

  • Ube Cake (Filipino Purple Yam Cake)

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    _Ube_ Cakes are technically chiffon cakes that taste like _ube_ but [this version](https://theunlikelybaker.com/ube-cake-filipino-purple-yam-cake/), while still soft, is much denser because it asks for _ube_ jam which tends to be very thick. It is delicious nonetheless. And the _ube_ frosting is just to-die-for. From **The Unlikely Baker**.

  • Lebkuchen - German Gingerbread Cookies

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    These [German Lebkuchen](https://leelalicious.com/lebkuchen-german-gingerbread-cookies/) are similar to gingerbread cookies, but they are very soft with a little more complex spice flavor. The recipe is also similar to the process of making choux pastry for eclairs. From **Leelalicious**.

  • My Mom’s French Canadian Tourtière

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    This [French Canadian Tourtière](https://urbnspice.com/my-recipes/my-moms-french-canadian-tourtiere/) is more savoury than traditionally prepared tourtière due to the use of sage and poultry seasoning as opposed to the warm spices often used. It also as a mixture of beef, veal, and pork. From **UrbnSpice**.

  • Nanny's Christmas Cherry Balls

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    These [Christmas Cherry Balls](https://www.baconismagic.ca/food/cherry-balls/), based on an Italian-Scottish recipe, are easy to make and great for making with small children or with a glass of wine….or three…. with friends. From **Bacon is Magic.**

  • Rose Cookies or Rose De Coque

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    These [Rose Cookies](http://kravingsfoodadventures.com/rose-cookies-rose-de-coque/), which hail from India, are rice flour-based and combine a crunchy texture and a slight sweetness. Ideal for those who don't have a sweet tooth but still want some sugar for the holidays. From **Kravings Food Adventures**.

  • Traditional Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    With this simple and superb recipe for [Traditional Chicken Soup](https://www.bitememore.com/feedme/106/traditional-chicken-soup-with-matzo-balls), a pot chock full of fresh vegetables, herbs, chicken and of course, tender matzo balls, you'll have a bestseller in every Chanukah bowl. From **Bite Me More**.

  • Healthy Lebkuchen - German Spiced Cookies

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    This version of [Lebkuchen or Pfefferkuchen](http://www.occasionallyeggs.com/2016/12/lebkuchen-german-spiced-cookies.html) is butter and egg free, much lower in sugar and fat than normal, and perfectly spicy. The cookies have a nice crispy edge and chewy centre, and they're just right with a little chocolate. From **Occasionally Eggs**.

  • Sweet Potato and Apple Kugel

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Kugel shows up at every Jewish holiday in one outfit or another. This [Sweet Potato and Apple version ](https://www.meghantelpner.com/blog/sweet-potato-and-apple-kugle-or-casserole-if-youre-making-this-for-easter/)of the casserole deliciously falls into the side dish/dessert category. From **Meghan Telpner**.

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18 World Holiday Dish Recipes (5)

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18 World Holiday Dish Recipes (12) Lyndsay Sung

I should not have looked at this post before eating lunch. YIKES!! So much goodness. Going to check out that purple ube cake now!! xo

18 World Holiday Dish Recipes (14) Sugar Mummy

Yummy! this is quite amazing and appetizing.

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18 World Holiday Dish Recipes (2024)


What are 3 traditional Christmas foods? ›

Every family in every part of the world serves their own traditional Christmas foods, but in the U.S., some are enjoyed nationwide:
  • Turkey.
  • Prime Rib.
  • Baked Ham.
  • Mashed Potatoes & Gravy.
  • Stuffing.
  • Green Bean Casserole.
  • Candied Sweet Potatoes.
  • Roasted Vegetables.
Dec 19, 2022

What is the most eaten thing at Christmas? ›

What are the Most Popular Christmas Foods Eaten Around the World?
  • Roast turkey or ham, a standard main course for holiday dinners.
  • Eggnog, a rich and creamy beverage made with eggs, milk, and spices. ...
  • Gingerbread cookies and houses are popular festive treats and decorations.

Which five are traditional Christmas dishes? ›

Candy Cane can be hung as edible decorations.
  • White Christmas, a sweet slice made of copha and mixed fruit.
  • Cold ham and cold turkey.
  • Seafood and salads.
  • Roast chicken, ham and turkey.
  • Stuffing.
  • Christmas cake or Christmas pudding.
  • Custard.
  • Gingerbread in Christmas shapes.

What is Italian Christmas dinner? ›

Lasagna, Stuffed Manicotti and other cheesy baked pasta dishes are a hit with all ages—this is classic Christmas fare in Southern Italy. Even a simple pasta dish with a light tomato sauce can serve as a tasty side dish for braised meats, Italian sausage or baked chicken entrées.

What is the least popular Christmas food? ›

Across all states, their findings showed that the least popular Christmas foods are persimmon pudding (13%) and fruitcake (25%). The most popular foods were roasted potatoes (91%), scalloped potatoes (83%), roast beef (77%), red velvet cake (76%), ham (76%) and Christmas nuts (76%).

What is the number one Christmas meal? ›

According to a 2020 survey, turkey's the main event for 73% of Americans, with prime rib (69%), roast beef (66%), steak (65%), chicken (64%), roast pork (64%) and ham (62%) also coming in as popular contenders.

What is a good meal to serve 20 people? ›

19 Ideas For Easy Meals For Large Groups
  • Taco Bar.
  • Meatballs.
  • Butter Chicken.
  • Lasagna.
  • Chili.
  • Homemade Pizza.
  • Baked Pasta.
  • Skewers.
Apr 4, 2023

What are the seven dishes of Christmas? ›

Recipes for the “seven fishes” vary from region to region; this one uses crab, shrimp, calamari, clams, mussels, scallops and white fish.

What do most Americans eat on Christmas Eve? ›

Roast turkey and ham are popular for Christmas dinner throughout the country, but depending on the region, so are tamales, roast goose with red cabbage, crawfish jambalaya, roast pork or “seven fishes” seafood salad.

What do people traditionally eat on Christmas Eve? ›

On Christmas Eve, many families enjoy a special meal together, often featuring traditional Christmas dishes such as roast turkey, ham, or prime rib. Some families also include fish dishes, such as cod or salmon, in their Christmas Eve feasts.


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