Buy Old Cars ❤️ Buying or Selling One? Here are a few pointers... (2024)

Do you want to buy old cars? Or are you looking for places to sell your old car? Either the old car is junk or still driveable, an array of used car businesses can be found willing to give you top dollars!

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We, at Cash Cars Buyer, buy old cars, junk or not. We all know that it’s important to make an informed decision. So before you take any step further you have to learn the ropes of buying and selling old cars. Here’s how:

Best Way to Buy Old Cars

Here are the best types of old cars to buy according to Edmunds.

Buy Olds Cars that are Certified Pre-Owned at a Dealership

If you want to buy a reliable old car, buying it as a certified pre-owned (CPO) car is a convenient way to do it. CPO vehicles are sold from dealerships of the same brand and are sure to have gone through extensive inspections and have been reconditioned with factory parts. CPO cars also have the best warranties. General Motors, for instance, is offering a one-year/12,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and a five-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty on all of its CPO cars.

However, the coverage and convenience of a CPO car come at a price. If you want to really save, as you buy old cars, it isn’t the used car option for you as CPO cars are also typically the most expensive used-car option. One other option is to find a car from a private seller that is new enough to still be under warranty.

Buy Old Cars that are Non-Certified at a Dealership

These types of used cars may not have gotten the same amount of attention as that of a CPO car but it still has received a reasonable inspection. So any significant issues are usually fixed before the car is ever put up for sale. And since dealerships accept trade-ins each day you should be able to find these used cars at a dealer without much trouble

Buy Old Cars at an Independent Dealership

An independent dealership is categorized as that without association with any particular automaker. Places like this can be very useful if you have poor credit and/or you’re trying to find a really inexpensive second-hand car. But it is worth noting that interest rates here may not be as favorable as rates found at larger stores.

Also if you are going to this type of dealership to get a higher chance of getting approved for a loan, consider to first check with a big-name dealership as they work with multiple banks, including some that specialize in poor credit situations.

Since the quality of the used cars can also vary from one place to another, Edmunds recommends searching for consumer reviews including those from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A number of independent used-car lots also specialize in a certain type of car, which can make the selection process easier if you have the type of vehicle in mind. Especially remember to run a vehicle history report for any car you are seriously considering.

Other places to buy old cars are from a Private Party and through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Shopping through a private-party market may offer varied selection and the opportunity to get top price, but you will have to sacrifice the convenience of seeing a variety of cars side by side, which is something you can do at dealer lots.

Negotiating with a private-party seller is also risky in the sense that you will be buying the car as is and unless it is still under warranty. One way to offset the risk is to bring a mechanic with you during the test drive and have the car inspected thoroughly before you buy it.

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace service are for free and you are sure to find many choices of old cars, but many choices always aren't good. You have to sift through many listings to find the right one for you as the sites can also be filled with cars with salvage titles (cars that have gone through serious accidents) or worst scammers.

A few pointers would be to find a listing that has as many photos and details as possible. Thoughtfully ask owners to tell you more about the car and explore why they are selling the car to eliminate any chances that they may only be handing you a problem.

Also as Craigslist suggested best to shop local so that you can deal with the seller in person and inspect the car personally before buying it. There are many benefits to buying an old car most especially if you know where to find the best one for your needs.

Best Way to Find Someone to Buy Old Cars

Another important question is how can I sell my old car? Who will buy my car? Anyone who has ever tried to sell a used car for a good price knows it’s not always a simple thing to do. It can be tricky to make comparisons and make a decision on how to find someone or find the best dealers to buy old cars. But when all is said and done the best place for you to sell your car will depend on what you prioritize.

Do you want a quick, convenient, and easy sale then go with a professional dealer? But if you want to get more money and you have time to burn you can sell privately. While it might be true that selling a used car privately can be a big mess it has its own advantages.

While it might be true that it takes a lot of effort, energy, and time to sell your old car privately since you will be taking pictures of it, writing down the specs and other details, listing it online or in the classified ads, answering endless numerous phone calls and questions and the list goes on — at the end of the day you can still better price your car when you do the selling yourself.

You may be able to get an extra $1,000 to $2,000 even if the vehicle isn't worth very much. By doing all the legwork you'll be able to get retail price (or slightly below) whereas if you sell it to a dealer, you'll only be getting the wholesale value. There are many ways to sell your used car privately and efficiently when you have time.

But if time is not your friend and you prioritize convenience you can always go to a professional dealer. You can still sell your junk or your old car effortlessly and still get the most cash out of it if you do your own homework and find a reputable place that will not lowball you into getting paid a fraction of your car’s actual worth.

Like private selling, finding a well-used car dealership will also take some effort on your part. If you know the basics of finding well-used car dealerships that buy old cars.

Buy Old Cars: Other FAQ

  • Can I get a car for $1000?

The answer is Yes. You can buy old cars that are functioning and running for $1,000 or less. But understandably so, you’re not going to get an immaculate vehicle for that price. Most of them are expected to have cosmetic issues at a minimum, if not in more serious need of repair. They can also have high-mileage or a combination of those above.

While a car in need of a minor repair may still be worth considering, especially if it’s priced that low, more serious issues that could even become a safety hazard are completely another matter. So when buying older and cheap vehicles, always do a careful inspection. But if you really need a car and that’s all the money you can spend, the best car you can possibly consider and buy for less than $1000 is most likely to be found at government auctions.

For $1000 or less you may buy old cars that are nice enough and have been fleet maintained, and it doesn’t always have to be a police car. Examples of sites for government auctions are Govdeals and Public Surplus. There are also many cities and counties that do sealed bids offline so be on the lookout through local newspapers.

  • Should I buy old cars that are 10 years old?

There is no concrete answer to this question as it really depends on how well maintained the ten-year-old car you are buying is. While it may be possible to find a good and reliable 10-year-old model when buying a used car it will still be up to careful inspection if it’s still worth investing in, especially as you should expect a lot of maintenance work to be made. Also consider not just the age of the vehicle but also its mileage.

Knowing your priorities is the first step towards finding the most suitable means for you to buy or to sell a used vehicle. You can buy or you can sell privately or choose to do it through a professional dealership, it all depends on whether you want to sacrifice a certain amount for convenience by seeking the help of a middleman.

Buy Old Cars ❤️ Buying or Selling One? Here are a few pointers... (2024)


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