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Natalie Cole

About Pink Cadillac

"Pink Cadillac" is a song by Bruce Springsteen released as the non-album B-side of "Dancing in the Dark" in 1984. The song received moderate airplay on album-oriented rock radio and appeared on the Billboard Top Tracks chart for 14 weeks, peaking at No. 27. The song was also a prominent concert number during Springsteen's Born in the U. S. A. Tour. The song follows Prince's "Little Red Corvette" and Wilson Pickett's "Mustang Sally" in using automobile travel as a metaphor for sexual activity, in particular the lyric "I love you for your pink Cadillac", which was intended to be a veiled reference to a vagin*. Springsteen, in fact, vetoed the first attempt by a female singer to release a version of "Pink Cadillac", that being Bette Midler in 1983. However, "Pink Cadillac" had its highest profile incarnation via an R&B interpretation by Natalie Cole, which became a top-ten single in 1988.more »


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You may think I'm foolingFor the foolish things I doYou may wonder how come I love youWhen you get on my nerves like you doWell baby, you know you bug meThere ain't no secret about thatWell come on over here and hug meAnd, baby, I'll spill the factsWell, honey it ain't your money'Cause baby I got plenty of thatI love you for your pink CadillacCrushed velvet seatsRiding in the back, oozing down the streetWaving to the girlsPeeling out of sightSpending all my money on a Saturday nightHoney, I just wonder what you do there in back of your pink CadillacPink CadillacWell now way back in the bible, temptations always come alongThere's always somebody tempting youInto doing something they know is wrongWell they tempt you man with silver and they tempt you sir with goldAnd they tempt you with the pleasures that the flesh does surely holdThey say eve tempted Adam with an appleMan I ain't going for thatI know it was her pink CadillacCrushed velvet seatsRiding in the back, oozing down the streetWaving to the girlsPeeling out of sightSpending all my money on a Saturday nightHoney, I just wonder what you do there in back of your pink CadillacPink Cadillac, yeahNow some folks say it's too big and uses too much gasSome folks say that it's too old and that it goes too fastBut my love is bigger than a honda, it's bigger than a SubaruHey man there's only one thing and one car that will doAnyway we don't have to drive it honey, we can park it out in backAnd have a party in your Pink Cadillac Crushed velvet seatsRiding in the back, oozing down the streetWaving to the girlsPeeling out of sightSpending all my money on a Saturday nightHoney, I just wonder what you do there in back of your pink CadillacYou know the one I meanLe Car

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Natalie Cole

Natalie Maria Cole (born February 6, 1950) is an American singer, songwriter and performer. The daughter of jazz legend Nat King Cole, Cole rose to musical success in the mid-1970s as a R&B artist with the hits "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)", "Inseparable" and "Our Love". After a period of failing sales and performances due to a heavy drug addiction, Cole reemerged as a pop artist with the 1987 album, Everlasting, and her cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Pink Cadillac". In the 1990s, she re-recorded standards by her father, resulting in her biggest success, Unforgettable... with Love, which sold over seven million copies and also won Cole numerous Grammy Awards. She has sold over 30 million records worldwide.</ref> more »

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11 facts about this song

Song Writing

"Pink Cadillac" was written by Bruce Springsteen during his 1981-82 period around the time of the "Nebraska" album.

Release and Record

Springsteen's version was first released in 1984 through Columbia records as the B-side to his hit "Dancing in the Dark."

Contention with Record Label

Initially, Springsteen's manager and record company had been reluctant to release "Pink Cadillac" because of its sexual metaphors.


Despite being a B-side track, "Pink Cadillac" gained considerable airplay and peaked up to #27 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Natalie Cole's Version

In 1988, Natalie Cole covered "Pink Cadillac" which became a big pop and R&B hit. Her version includes a rap towards the end of the song titled "Pink Cadillac Swing."

Chart Performance

Cole's rendition of "Pink Cadillac" peaked at #5 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B chart, even surpassing the peak position of Springsteen's original version.

Grammy Nominations

Natalie Cole's version of "Pink Cadillac" earned her nominations for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance in the Grammy Awards of 1989.

Music Video

Bruce Springsteen has never made a full music video for "Pink Cadillac," while Natalie Cole made a very interesting one inspired by the 1968 film "Bullitt."

Live Performances

Springsteen often performs "Pink Cadillac" in his live concerts, notably with different lyrics in the third verse.

Metaphoric Lyrics

The lyrics of "Pink Cadillac" are often seen as an allegory for sexual activity, with the 'pink Cadillac' serving as a metaphor for the female body.

Cultural Influence

Since the song's release, the term 'pink Cadillac' has been used in popular culture to symbolize wealth, glamor, and post-war consumerism.

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Natalie Cole - Pink Cadillac Lyrics (2024)


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